Commercial Photography

If you are looking for a professional photographer to handle a commercial shooting, I may be of service. I’ve been working as a commercial photographer for the past 2 years and I’ve already had the opportunity to work with amazing brands like Nike, Volkswagen, Ducati, Netflix, Uber and others. You can see the full list of clients here.

There’s also the possibility of these photos or videos being posted to my social channels, like Instagram or YouTube.

Since each campaign is different and takes different amount of days and work, I have to analyze the proposal to set a final price. I usually work with daily fees, but it depends how the client wants to use the material commercially. Get in touch so we can discuss further details! :)


Cinemagraph is becoming the new thing and only a few creators in the world are doing it, specially when working with branded content. It’s a mix of photo and video, that stays on an infinite loop. The technique is quite impressive and brands love it. If you are looking for cinemagraphs for your brand, get in touch!

Content Creation

In case you don’t have a team to create content for you and would like to work with me beyond just consultancy, I can be the one that creates content for your brand, for any use you might want, like social media, website or commercial. Get in touch!

Drone Photography and Videos

Looking for high quality drone footage and photos? All images and videos seen here are shot with a DJI Phantom 4 drone, capable of recording 4K videos and 12MP stills. Get in touch if you want content from the sky. ;)

Brand Ambassador


I’ve been working as a content creator/ambassador for some brands in the past years. Among them, there’s the italian eyewear company “Carrera“, which I produced content for their Snapchat for the past 2 years, and also GoPro, being part of their GoPro Advocates team. If you are looking for someone like me to constantly create content for your company or just use my image for your social channels, get in touch! Since I work traveling, companies benefit from it, having content being produced in many places around the world.

Instagram Sponsored Posts


Are you looking to advertise a product or service on my Instagram? Let’s talk about it! Many companies have done it and I would love to work with you too. One thing I can guarantee you is that high quality and creative content will be created specially for you. If you are curious about all my statistics on social media, you can check out my Media Kit. There you can see everything, including how my followers engage in each platform, their gender, age and locations!




Sponsored Instagram Story


Still talking about Instagram, another option is promoting your product or service in an Instagram Story, with a sequence of photos and videos that tell a story. I’ve been doing this for Carrera for the past 2 years, as their Snapchat and Instagram ambassador, so I’m used to it, and their followers absolutely love it! The best thing is that you reach at least 10.000 people and promote your product or service in a fun and creative way using many images and videos, not just one post on Instagram.

Land Rover



Epson + Mercedes AMG Petronas F1

Sponsored YouTube Video

I’m new to the YouTube game, but I come willing to grow and teach people about photography and travel. In just 5 videos, I had over 80.000 views! I believe that’s quite good for someone that has just started. If you are interested in promoting a product or service on my channel, we can talk about it! It could be either as a review, unboxing, tutorial or anything else we come up with together! You can see all my channel analytics on my Media Kit.

Instagram & Snapchat Takeover


If you are looking for someone to takeover any of your social media channels for a certain amount of time, I can help you with that. It’s a great way to always bring new content to your followers with help of different creators, which makes your content very diverse. If you would like photography and travel content in your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube, I’d be glad to help you with that.

Above here you can see the takeover I did for @curbed‘s Instagram, a Vox Media company, bringing to their followers a lot of great information about Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympic Games. I’ve also done takeovers for companies and brands like Carrera and Google Maps.

Commercial Video

I’ve started producing commercial videos recently, focusing on social media and internet. I’ve produced videos for companies like Barceló Resorts, Student Travel Bureau, BASF and Carrera. Interested in making a video with me? Get in touch and let’s create something beautiful together!

Stop Motion

Stop Motion is another type of video content that causes impact. A technique created using hundreds of photos that make a type of animation. Stop motion videos are good for creative video content of products. Did you like it? Get in touch and let’s make one for you too!

Tourism Destinations


Since the beginning of 2014, I’ve been working with many tourism boards and tourism companies from around the world and travel to many countries to promote them as tourism destinations to my followers on Instagram. Tourism boards from Israel, Dubai, United Kingdom, Miami, Panama and Jordan are a few examples. If you represent any tourism board and want us to work together, get in touch! Other companies, like tourism agencies, hotel chains and brands can benefit from a travel campaign somewhere in the world. I’ve been to 18 countries in the past 3 years and I would love to know many more. Let’s travel together!


Consultancy of Social Media & Content Creation


If you aren’t satisfied with the photos and videos posted on your brand’s social channels, maybe you should consider hiring someone that’s been doing that for a long time to help you. I have decided to start offering consultancy for any brands that might want help achieving just that: creating beautiful content. I have created content for great companies like Nike, Ducati, Volkswagen, Carrera, Uber, Netflix, Schweppes, Dom Pérignon and more. Sometimes companies just need the right guidance about content creation and how to use each social media platform with a different purpose.

Photo Licensing: Online, Editorial and Commercial Use


Are you looking for travel and landscapes images from Brazil and all over the world? I’ve been licensing my photos in the past years for many different uses, like online, editorial and commercial. If there’s any photo you have seen on my Instagram or here on my website that you are interested in licensing, get in touch for rates!

Interior & Architecture Photography

I love shooting interiors, specially architecture. Maybe it’s the symmetry freak inside me that loves it so much or maybe it’s my designer side. I find all kinds of architecture fascinating and love taking photos of them. If you work for a construction company, architecture firm, hotel chain or university and you are looking for a photographer, let me know!

Corporate Workshop: Photography, Content Creation & Social Media


Do you have a team of creative people that you think that could step up their photography and editing game? Maybe you want to get a group of journalists or influencial people for a special event and teach them about mobile photography? Corporate Workshops can work in many different ways and many employees can benefit from them. If you are looking for something like this in your company, let’s talk about it!

Public Speaking about Photography and Social Media


Photography and Social Media is a big part of our lives nowadays. Smartphones are getting better and now they take amazing pictures. Social Media allows us to share the photos we take to anybody in the world. The question is: do you feel like you could improve your photography? Do you think you are using social media correctly to share the content you create? Do you feel like you know how to tell a story through your photos? After asking myself all that, I came up with my own strategies to succeed on Instagram and created one of the biggest photography Instagram accounts in Brazil.

My mission now is to help people achieve that. I want everybody to create good content and have opportunities doing that. That’s why I started my YouTube channel, teaching workshops and now I’m willing to tell about all that through public speaking. So if you are looking to inspire other people, if it’s either your employees, students, group of friends or a community, get in touch!

Corporate Events

Is your company thinking about doing a great event for its employees? Maybe you are thinking about taking journalists somewhere to showcase a new product of yours? If you need a photographer to capture all the moments, I can help you, just like I helped Google before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

If your company thinks about doing that, even if it’s in another city or country, we can discuss this possibility too!

Private Workshop: Photography, Content Creation & Social Media


I don’t have any plans to go to other countries to teach a group of people, but you can fly me to your location to teach you photography privately, if you want. It’s a great and fast way to learn photography, all techniques (long exposure, astrophotography, infrared and more), learn about social media, business growth and creative content creation. The best thing is that it’s one-on-one.

Get in touch!



Have you always wanted a photo of mine in your home? You can order any of my photos printed and I’ll ship it to you, even if that’s outside of Brazil. When you get it, you can choose to frame it or not. ;)

Really soon I’ll launch my online store here on my website, so everyone can order their prints, available in many sizes and you will also be able to license them to download. Stay tuned on my Instagram in 2017!

Meanwhile, choose a photo on my Instagram and get in touch to order your prints!

Framed Prints

Unfortunately due to high prices to ship a framed photo from Brazil, this option isn’t available for international customers. The best option is to order a print and frame it yourself once it arrives for you.

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